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Noh Mask "Heida" / 能面 平太(へいだ)

Noh Mask "Heida" / 能面 平太(へいだ)

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"Heida" is a depiction of the face of Ebara Heita Tanenaga, a warrior from the Kamakura period, serving as the standard for a male face. It is specifically used for the spirits of fierce warriors in plays like "Tamamura" (the spirit of Sakamoto Tamamura Maru), "Yashima" (the spirit of Minamoto no Yoshitsune), and "Ebira" (the spirit of Kajiwara Genta Kagesue). The sharply raised eyebrows and mustache exude a powerful and valiant presence, making it a remarkable mask for portraying the spirits of mature warriors.

Created in the 17th to 18th century during the Edo period

Wooden construction with coloring

Dimensions: Height 22cm, Width 13cm

「平太」とは鎌倉時代の武将荏柄平太胤長の顔を写したもので、男の顔の標準を示している。修羅物の『田村』( 坂上田村丸の霊 )『八島』( 源義経の霊 )「」(梶原源太景季の霊)など、荒武者の亡霊に用いる専用面。切れ上がった眉毛と口髭は勢いがあって凛々しく、壮年武将の貫禄溢れる逸品。




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