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Athlete Round PRO v2 Golf Socks

Athlete Round PRO v2 Golf Socks

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The professional socks "Athlete Round PRO" for golf, designed to increase both distance and score, have undergone further evolution and been reborn.

Since its initial release, Athlete Round PRO has continued to be loved by many golfers. The Athlete Round PRO Version 2, which has seen remarkable advancements in both functionality and design, has finally been introduced.

With a reliable compression design, Iida Socks Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of the product, has produced numerous compression and pressure products. Leveraging these technologies, the "Sports Apparel Development Team" has achieved a progressive compression suitable for sports use.

Focusing on being "comfortable to wear every day," MADE IN JAPAN The compression function, enhanced by adhering to the body, is complemented by a moisture-wicking feature. By adopting special fibers with moisture-wicking capabilities in the fabric yarns that make up the product, it releases sweat, keeping a dry feeling and preventing discomfort caused by sweat between the closely adhering skin and fabric. The "Sports Apparel Development Team" at Iida Socks Co., Ltd., a domestic production facility, has persisted in realizing both functionality and comfort through meticulous research.

Unisex Due to its high elasticity, it can be used as a unisex product by selecting the size that suits you.

Recommended Usage Scenes While developed with a focus on golf scenes, it is recommended for use in scenes where compression high socks can be utilized, such as mountain climbing, walking, and commuting.

Other Notes Product specifications and packaging may be subject to change without notice. Please be aware of this.

● Please refrain from wearing in the following cases:

  • There are wounds, inflammation, or injuries in the wearing parts (from the toes to the calves).
  • There is any kind of impairment in the hands or feet (nerve damage, numbness, etc.).
  • During sleep.

● Consult a doctor about wearing in the following cases:

  • Those with circulatory disorders due to conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc.
  • Individuals who experience abnormalities in the skin (rash, etc.), numbness, or pain during or after wearing.
  • Elderly individuals or pregnant women.

● Please refrain from the following actions during wear:

  • Bending the knees, compressing the legs, for extended periods in positions like seiza (sitting on one's knees).
  • Layering with this product or other compression-type products.
  • Wearing by folding the mouth of the socks, etc.

● Other considerations:

  • Although it may be difficult to put on and feel tight during wear, this is a specification designed to support the calves with high elasticity.
  • Use a laundry net during washing.
  • When wearing, the side labeled "L" is for the left foot, and "R" is for the right foot.

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