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Chopsticks with Cap (Bamboo Fiber Insert Type)

Chopsticks with Cap (Bamboo Fiber Insert Type)

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Chopsticks with Cap (Bamboo Fiber Insert Type)

Convenient for on-the-go, these chopsticks come with a cap for easy portability. Utilizing bamboo fiber, this product significantly contributes to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The capped design allows you to store them in your bag without the risk of dirt, and it protects the tips, ensuring a longer lifespan. With a user-friendly open-close mechanism, maintenance is a breeze.

The top part of the chopsticks and the cap feature an original design with a wide printing surface, allowing for full-color printing. Ideal for promotional items at events in the food and beverage industry, it is also recommended as a unique gift for personalized chopsticks.

  • Bamboo fiber is a material made by compressing bamboo fibers into powder form. By incorporating natural bamboo into the mix, it becomes an environmentally friendly and eco-conscious material, reducing the use of synthetic resins.

Dimensions: Chopsticks / H205 (mm) Cap / W20×H101×D11 (mm)

Material: PP, Bamboo Fiber, and others

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