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Fake Tear Gel

Fake Tear Gel

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Fake Tear Gel

This is a shape-memory gel ideal for expressing tears or sweat.

*This is a renewed version of NAMIDA GEL AS.

- Allows for realistic expression of tears and sweat.
- Greatly improves the reproduction of various tear scenes and sports scenes.
- Shape-memory design ensures no moment is missed.
- Can be repeatedly used for capturing the ideal drop shape.
- The slim nozzle enables delicate expression.
- Since it's a gel, it can be reshaped without hardening, allowing for multiple adjustments.
- Offers a light, water-like feel with a smooth texture, without worrying about stickiness.
- Gentle on the skin and formulated with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, so it can be left on the skin after use.

*Discontinue use if it doesn't suit your skin.
*This is not eye drops. Do not put it in your eyes under any circumstances.

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