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“Honkun’s Cat” T-Shirts Black

“Honkun’s Cat” T-Shirts Black

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“Honkun’s Cat” T-Shirts


Author of Honkun's Cat and other works.

Sumi-e evangelist.

Utilizing the viewpoint of sumi-e, he draws simply. His ideal is to draw pictures that children will want to draw too.

He aims to create a nice fusion of letters and pictures based on the concept of the present form of calligraphy and painting congruence.

He values the culture and curiosity he came into contact with when he was a child, and he expresses the feelings he had at that time with great care. Another concept is "a grown-up trying his best to do what he wanted to do when he was in elementary school. In fact, the foundation of Hongkun's character is based on a manga he drew when he was in the third grade of elementary school.

Until the end of 2023, he will operate a street store in Jimbocho and offer original goods of Hongkun's cats. He has been featured twice on TV. The store has been so well received that it is now being opened in Minatomirai and other locations in Japan.

Hongkun's cats have been featured in various collaborations, including at the Nippon Budokan. And now, with great enthusiasm, he has begun to create and introduce not only cats but also new characters to the world. Each of his characters has a unique sense of balance and bold lines, which are the charm points of his work, and which create a world view.

He also holds many "sumi-e drawing" events with children at schools and shopping malls. The "Sumi-e class" for overseas travelers was featured in "lonely planet," the world's largest circulated guidebook. All classes were well received for their lively and enjoyable style.

His main goal is to connect the world through sumi-e ink painting and lines.

His dream is to draw Mochi (Honkun's cat character) in a simultaneous drawing all over the world.

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