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MOTTERU Thermal Bento Box

MOTTERU Thermal Bento Box

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This adorable palm-sized bento box boasts a rice container with a capacity of 300g (equivalent to 1.5 bowls of rice), making it suitable for both men and women. With its built-in cooling and heating function, it keeps your meal warm until lunchtime. Additionally, it is microwave-friendly, allowing you to quickly warm up your meal even if it has been refrigerated.

The container lid features a groove where you can conveniently store chopsticks, eliminating the need to carry a separate chopstick case.

Depending on your preference, it can be used as a single-tier or double-tier bento box, making it compact and easy to carry for various occasions. This expands the variety of your daily bento options. The available colors include off-white, charcoal black, and smoke pink, allowing you to choose your favorite color.


Single-tier Bento Box Dimensions: W168×H72×D83 (mm)

Double-tier Bento Box Dimensions: W168×H125×D83 (mm)

Rice Container: Φ83×H108 (mm)

Side Dish Container: Φ83×H55 (mm) Chopsticks: 160 (mm)

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