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Ninja Imitation Katana

Ninja Imitation Katana

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  • Model Katana x 1
  • Sheath x 1
  • Model Katana Certificate and Instruction Manual x 1


  1. Long
  • Total Length: 105 cm 
  • Blade Length: 71.5 cm

       2. Short

  • Total Length: 70 cm 
  • Blade Length: 46 cm


  • Blade: Zinc alloy (chrome-plated)
  • Handle: Resin
  • Tsuba (hand guard): Alloy
  • Sheath: Wood (glossy marble finish)

Shinobuya Quality:

  • All Shinobuya swords are inspected before shipment to ensure they are free of defects such as scratches, dents, or dirt.
  • Each item is carefully packed by experienced packing staff.
  • A model sword certificate and instruction manual are included.


  • It does not have a blade, but it is made of alloy and should not be used against people.
  • Model swords are intended for display and decoration, as props for cosplay or stage costumes, or for wearing on a belt. They are not intended for practice swings or sword drawing techniques.
  • Unlike iai-to (practice swords), model swords do not have a precise fit between the blade and the sheath. Some individuals may find the sword difficult to draw or sheathe, but this is not a defect.
  • By law, model swords cannot be made of hard materials. As a result, they are more prone to bending and scratching. Minor scratches or bubbles may also occur on the blade during the manufacturing process.
  • The hamon (decorative pattern on the blade) is for decoration only and does not actually cut.
  • Although the blade is not sharp, it is still made of metal and can be dangerous if pointed towards people or animals. Please handle with care.
  • The koshirae (fittings) cannot be disassembled or adjusted.
  • Please note that there may be slight variations in size and weight due to the use of natural wood and handmade construction.
  • The sword stand shown in the photos is not included.

Additional Notes:

  • The term "katana" is often used to refer to any type of Japanese sword, but it technically refers to a specific type of curved, single-edged sword.
  • Model swords are a popular collectible item for fans of Japanese culture and martial arts.
  • When handling a model sword, it is important to treat it with respect as if it were a real weapon.
  • Never use a model sword for anything other than its intended purpose.
  • Store your model sword in a safe place when not in use.
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