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Seiji Fujishiro: A 500-Piece Puzzle

Seiji Fujishiro: A 500-Piece Puzzle

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Seiji Fujishiro: A 300-Piece Puzzle


Seiji Fujishiro (1924-2014) was a Japanese artist renowned for his distinctive silhouette art and the creation of the beloved character "Keroppi". Born in Tokyo, Fujishiro graduated from Keio University with a degree in economics. During his studies, he immersed himself in puppet theater and co-founded the puppet and shadow theater "Junne Pantomime" (later renamed "Mobaza") after graduation.

Fujishiro's unique silhouette art world gained recognition in 1948 when his illustrations began appearing in the magazine "Kurashi no Techo". His popularity soared with the introduction of "Keroppi" on the TV program "Mobaza Hour". In 1983, Fujishiro received the Golden Apple Award at the Bratislava International Illustration Exhibition. He was honored with the Purple Ribbon Medal in 1989, the Order of the Rising Sun, 4th Class, in 1995, and the Special Award for Achievement in Children's Culture from the Japan Children's Literature Association in 1999. In 2013, he was awarded the Iwakubo Shobo Award and the Miyazawa Kenji Prize. In the same year, the Seiji Fujishiro Art Museum, the only permanent museum dedicated to his work in Japan, opened in Nasu Highlands, Tochigi Prefecture.

Fujishiro continued to actively exhibit his work in various museums, inspiring and touching countless individuals throughout his life. His legacy lives on through his enchanting silhouette art and the enduring popularity of "Keroppi".

Additional Information:

  • Keroppi: A green frog character created by Fujishiro, known for his cheerful and optimistic personality.
  • Junne Pantomime/Mobaza: A puppet and shadow theater co-founded by Fujishiro, which played a significant role in popularizing his art form.
  • Seiji Fujishiro Art Museum: A museum dedicated to Fujishiro's work, showcasing his original silhouette art and providing insights into his creative process.
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