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Komainu Pair : 狛犬一対

Komainu Pair : 狛犬一対

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While it is common for a pair of figures to be referred to collectively as "Komainu," in this case, the left side without horns is known as "Shishi" (lion), seeking enlightenment in the Agyo form. The right side with horns is the "Komainu," representing enlightenment in the Ungyo form. Komainu with horns are exceptionally rare.

Left: Height 54 cm, Width 25 cm, Depth 41 cm, Weight 5.1 kg

Right: Height 58 cm, Width 25 cm, Depth 42 cm, Weight 4.6 kg

Created in the later Edo Period.

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左:高さ54㎝ 幅25㎝ 奥行41㎝ 重さ5・1キロ     

右:高さ58㎝ 幅25㎝ 奥行42㎝ 重さ4・6キロ

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