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Jinrikisha 2-Seater Rickshaw

Jinrikisha 2-Seater Rickshaw

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A two-wheeled vehicle designed for transporting passengers manually. It is operated by pulling a handle connected to a base, allowing it to be propelled by human power.

In Japan, it has been widely used as a means of transportation since the Meiji era. Currently, it is primarily employed for tourism purposes.

This model is actually used for on-road transportation for tourism and other purposes. In Japan, we also support the establishment of rickshaw businesses using this product. It is recommended for those interested in starting a rickshaw business as a viable business opportunity.

If you are interested, please contact us through the CONTACT form. We will arrange all of transportation and so on. 

The production period is 2-4 month. We will ship from Japan two month after the order is placed.

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