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Acrylic Stand Light-Up Stage

Acrylic Stand Light-Up Stage

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Elevate your acrylic stand display with this illuminated stage, perfect for showcasing your favorite items!

This display platform offers two versatile options: "Placement Type" for setting the acrylic stand on the stage, and "Insertion Type" for inserting it into the stage (compatible with acrylic stands of 3mm thickness). The emitting color is a soft white glow. Power it up with three AA alkaline batteries or use the included USB cable (Type-C) for continuous illumination lasting approximately 4 to 6 hours (USB cable does not support charging).

Whether it's creating a shrine for your idol's birthday party or enhancing the atmosphere during a live stream, the possibilities are endless. Get creative by placing accessories, transparent trinkets, small figurines, and more alongside your acrylic stand to illuminate them.

The stage dimensions are 70mm in width, 70mm in depth, and 32mm in height. Suitable for ages 12 and above, this light-up stage adds a touch of magic to your cherished collectibles.

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