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Cosplay Wig - Natural Layered Type - Smoke Black

Cosplay Wig - Natural Layered Type - Smoke Black

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Cosplay Wig - Natural Layered Type - Smoke Black

This wig features a moderate amount of hair and a manageable length, making it suitable for beginners to advanced users alike. With shaggy and layered styles, it's perfect for customization. It might even be perfect for sacrificing one's heart.

Specifications: Crown shape: *Shape, Layering: Yes, Heat resistance temperature: Up to 180℃ (Optimal processing temperature: 105℃ to 120℃), Artificial scalp: Yes Material: Fiber (Not human hair)

Length: Front: Approximately 28cm, Side: Approximately 35cm, Back: Approximately 37cm, Shaggy style included *Measured from the crown Size: Free size up to 59cm

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