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Deluxe Ninja Suit Set!!

Deluxe Ninja Suit Set!!

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Become a ninja from head to toe with this complete set! Our ninja costumes are durable and long-lasting, so you can be a ninja all year round!

Introducing our affordable authentic children's ninja costume!

This incredible price is only possible thanks to our Shinobuya original design!

This set includes a top and bottom ninja outfit, a ninja hood, a ninja hachimaki (forehead band), ninja gloves, and a belt!

Please note that ninja shoes are sold separately.


  • Complete set includes everything you need to become a ninja!
  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Affordable price
  • Authentic design
  • Perfect for Halloween, cosplay, or just for fun!

Order your Deluxe Ninja Suit Set today and start living like a ninja!

Children's sizes
Size S Height: 100-110 cm Length: 51 cm Width: 42 cm Trouser Length: 64 cm
Size M Height: 110-120 cm Length: 56 cm Width: 44 cm Trouser length: 71 cm
Size L Height: 120-130 cm Length: 60 cm Width: 47 cm Trouser Length: 79 cm
Size LL Height: 130-140 cm Length: 64 cm Width: 50 cm Trouser Length: 85 cm
Size 3L Height: 140-150 cm Length: 70 cm Width: 53 cm Trouser Length: 91 cm

Adult sizes
Size M Height: 155-165 cm Height: 77 cm Width: 59 cm Trouser length: 110 cm
Size L Height: 165-175 cm Length: 80 cm Width: 63 cm Trouser Length: 114 cm
Size LL Height: 175-185 cm Length: 83 cm Width: 67 cm Trouser Length: 118 cm
Size 3L Height: 185-195 cm Length: 86 cm Width: 71 cm Trouser Length: 122 cm

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