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Edo Kumiki doll Made by Mataro

Edo Kumiki doll Made by Mataro

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Mataro Dolls Continuously Produce "Authentic" Pieces

Mataro Dolls have continuously brought forth various items such as Hinamatsuri dolls, Gogatsu dolls, and Ukiyo-e dolls using the traditional technique of wood inlay. Masatora Kanbayashi, who was certified as the "sole legitimate successor of the wood inlay technique" by the Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto, faithfully adheres to tradition while incorporating a modern sensibility to create artistic Shintaro Dolls. Alongside traditional dolls, there are also "Matarobi" that encapsulate traditional techniques within compact creations. These authentic pieces not only soothe the soul just by looking at them but also offer a profound depth of taste the more you gaze upon them.

build-to-order manufacturing

Approx. 24 cm (width) x 31 cm (depth) x 42 cm (height)

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