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Gabei 画餅 Glass wagashi, Japanese sweet

Gabei 画餅 Glass wagashi, Japanese sweet

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"A picture of a rice cake" refers to the literal translation of "絵に描いた餅" from Japanese to English. However, figuratively, it implies an effort that is futile or pointless, much like painting a rice cake, as you can't eat a picture of food.

Decorating traditional culture, we attempt to create glass Japanese sweets that cannot be eaten.

"It's like a picture of a rice cake." The 'Gabyo' project aims to translate culinary culture into glass. When familiar forms become glass, they take on a mysterious and charming quality, becoming timeless glass art pieces.

The first theme of the project is 'Japanese sweets.' Japanese sweets represent the traditional culinary culture of Japan, embodying history, seasonality, and local customs. The nine Japanese sweets created for this project each express the allure of Japanese sweets using different glassmaking techniques.

'Gabei' glass Japanese sweets are made to order.

SIZEW160mm × H50mm × D160mm

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