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Glowing Bracelets gradation ver

Glowing Bracelets gradation ver

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Stand out with a 6mm thickness! A festival and party essential! Connect them for a stylish necklace too! ♪

Experience the blend of three luminous liquids! Introducing the Gradient Lumica - it shines with a beautiful gradient effect!

Perfect for girls' gatherings or birthday parties!

Connect them to make a necklace or use them as is!

  • Made with the world's highest quality luminescent material (Cyalume) from Lumica. In terms of brightness, illumination time, and expiration date, it surpasses all other products of the same size in the world.

  • Lumica's high-quality products glow in temperatures above freezing. Unlike non-branded products (excluding Lumica), they remain significantly luminescent even when the temperature drops below 18 degrees. Please note that non-branded products may have difficulty glowing in colder temperatures.

  • In sub-zero temperatures, the chemical reaction between the internal chemicals slows down, extending the glow duration but decreasing brightness. Conversely, in warmer temperatures, the reaction speeds up, reducing the glow duration. However, there are no issues with not glowing, especially when used at room temperature.

◆ Package Contents: 4 sticks (with connectors) ◆ Glow Color: Mermaid Blue, Peppermint Green, Pink (2 sticks) Red, Violet, Peppermint Green (2 sticks) ◆ Luminescent Material Size: Diameter approximately φ6 x 200mm ◆ Illumination Time: Approximately 4-6 hours 

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