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Japanese shoelaces

Japanese shoelaces

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■[Dress up your feet] Himo (shoelaces) x Kara (colourful) with Himo Kara. Your trainers will be transformed into completely new and unique trainers just by changing the shoelaces.

■[Using durable water-resistant material] The material is 100% polyester crape fabric. The shoelaces do not shrink or fade when washed in water.

■[Variety of colours and patterns] Cherry blossom, dancing cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, plum, dragon, running water, border, etc. The Japanese pattern of each product changes from time to time as a part of the fabric is used. You can enjoy a slightly different pattern on each piece. The Japanese patterns on the front and back of the cord are slightly different because it is a flat cord.

■[Length, Material, Place of Origin] 117 cm (5~6 holes recommended) - 100% polyester crape - Japan *Contents: 2 shoelaces.

■Free paper fixtures (5 hooks) and kraft PP trainers for samples can be attached.

■This product won the "Grand Prix" and "Director-General of the Japan Tourism Agency Award" at the Souvenir Grand Prix selected by the Japan Tourism Agency.

■This product is delivered without packaging and with shoelaces on the mount.


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