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Japanese unique Earring

Japanese unique Earring

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Japanese-themed accessories
We offer a wide range of Japanese-themed products with a focus on uniquely Japanese designs.

Asakusabashi is a place that is visited by many people from overseas,
We create our designs while considering what we can transmit through our accessories.

The motifs range from specific Japanese themes such as Japanese sweets, festivals, masks, daruma dolls and komainu (stone guardian dogs).
Traditional patterns such as mizuhiki, cloisonne, hemp leaves, etc., as well as those focusing on materials and shapes such as origami and washi paper.
The designs are diverse.

Although the theme is Japanese, the designs are modern, with an awareness of 'retro' and 'modern'.
The designs are easy to match with western clothes and open up a wide range of fashion possibilities.
The designs are easy to match with kimonos and yukatas, so people of all ages can pick them up.

All products are "made in Japan" and completely original, as they are produced in our own atelier.
We colour, produce and inspect our products by hand and strive to ensure that the best accessories are delivered to our customers.
Our products are well received not only by Japanese customers, but also by people from other countries.

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