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KURURITO Daily Bag (Recycled Fabric)

KURURITO Daily Bag (Recycled Fabric)

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The KURURITO Daily Bag is crafted from recycled fabric, creating a natural appearance with a touch of simplicity. One of the standout features of the KURURITO series is its compact size that fits in the palm of your hand when secured with the distinctive rubber band closure. The bag offers ample capacity, making it convenient for carrying lunch or serving as a shopping bag. It is available in four natural and basic colors.

[About Recycled Fabric] Recycled fabric is created by collecting fabric scraps generated during the production of sewn items such as T-shirts, which would typically be discarded. Through a specialized process, these scraps are transformed back into fabric, giving them a new life as recycled material. To achieve a natural and weathered look reminiscent of chambray, the vertical and horizontal threads are carefully balanced and colored. The result is a self-developed fabric achieved through repeated iterations of color combinations for both vertical and horizontal threads. To preserve the fabric's natural appearance, no additional dyeing is performed, making it an environmentally conscious textile throughout the production process.

Please note that due to the nature of the production process, this product may exhibit individual variations, and we appreciate your understanding.

Dimensions: Main Body / Approximately 290×360 (540 including handles) (mm) Handles / Approximately 60×180 (mm) Folded Gusset / Approximately 190 (mm)

Capacity: Approximately 14L

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