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Z Shorty 0 Series Kodama Starter Set

Z Shorty 0 Series Kodama Starter Set

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The Z Shorty series introduces the popular 0 Series Shinkansen, a versatile vehicle loved by both adults and children.

[About Z Shorty] Z Shorty vehicles can navigate the smallest radius curve, "R45," in Z gauge rails! With the smallest oval course, you can create a compact track measuring 11cm vertically and 16cm horizontally, allowing you to run trains conveniently in various spaces. The vehicle length is approximately half of Z gauge. Despite being a deformed model, attention to detail is retained! Dummy chassis is incorporated into the product.

While the product itself is a display model, by incorporating separately sold power chassis and trailer chassis, it can travel on regular Z gauge rails just like conventional Z gauge vehicles!


  • Model trains are powered by the rails; batteries are not used even for running, lighting, or illumination.
  • Batteries are not included in this product.
  • No fuel is used in this product.
  • Paints are not included in this product.
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