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Shoulder bags for stuffed

Shoulder bags for stuffed

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An ita bag (イタバッグ, ita baaggu), also known as an "idol bag" or "pin display bag", is a type of transparent shoulder bag or backpack that is used to display anime, manga, video game, or other fandom merchandise, such as pins, badges, keychains, and lanyards. Ita bags are popular among fans of Japanese pop culture, and are often seen at conventions, concerts, and other events.

Ita bags typically have a clear PVC or vinyl window on the front, which allows the owner to display their collection of merchandise without having to remove it from the bag. The bags may also have additional pockets or compartments for storing other items, such as a wallet, phone, or water bottle.

Width: 13 cm Height: 19 cm Gusset: 13 cm

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