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[ Z Gauge ] Z Shorty Mini Layout Set Exclusive Scene Set Summer SS001-2

[ Z Gauge ] Z Shorty Mini Layout Set Exclusive Scene Set Summer SS001-2

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This is a set of materials and structures designed to dress up the Z Shorty Mini Layout Set for a more realistic scenic layout!

By combining this set with the separately sold SS001-1 Z Shorty Mini Layout Set, you can create a layout similar to the photo (partially colored). Even beginners can easily complete the layout by following the manual!

The set includes charming structures such as cows and fences. You can have fun incorporating them into your layout without necessarily trying to replicate specific examples but instead creating an original layout of your own design!

Key Features of Rokuhan Z Shorty: Z Shorty is a model train of Z gauge, an extremely small-sized railway model with the length approximately half the size of standard Z gauge models, yet it maintains detailed craftsmanship. By combining separate power and trailer chassis (sold separately), you can make it run like a regular Z gauge train.

Set Contents:

  • Trees (Dark Green, Green, Yellow-Green) x 12 each
  • Tin Roof Farmhouse (Brown) x 1
  • Railroad Crossing (Japanese Type) x 2
  • Cows x 2
  • Fence x 1
  • Powder (Dark Green, Green) x 1 each
  • Powder (Brown)
  • Foliage (Green)
  • Foliage Cluster (Dark Green, Green) x 1 each
  • Ballast (Gray) x 1
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