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[ Z gauge ] Z Shorty Mini Layout Set 2

[ Z gauge ] Z Shorty Mini Layout Set 2

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Introducing an improved version of the Z Shorty Mini Layout Set, ready to play right out of the box! It comes with a forward/backward switch. Responding to many requests, it is now compatible with two AAA batteries! The included Kiha52-156 is in the limited edition Chuo Area Color! It differs in specifications from the Kiha52 included in the existing SS001-1 Mini Layout Set, such as the car number and the gray snowplow. The rails consist of an oval course with "Straight Rail without Roadbed 55mm × 2" and "Curved Rail without Roadbed R45-180° × 2"! The package features paper crafts of cows, a cowshed (blue), a railroad crossing, etc., which can be cut out and used!


  • Layout with Battery Box × 1 (Straight Rail without Roadbed Oval Rail built-in, Layout Sheet × 1 built-in)
  • Z Shorty Kiha52-156 (Chuo Area Color) × 1 car (Power Chassis built-in)
  • Logo Seal × 1
  • Tree × 1
  • Instruction Manual × 1


  • This product uses batteries, but batteries are not included.
  • No fuel is used in this product.
  • No fuel is included in this product.
  • No paint is included in this product.
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